Revised Beach Replenishment Schedule Published (including Bay Head and Mantoloking)

The US Army Corps of Engineers has just (February 21st) published the following beach replenishment work schedule.  It affects Bay Head and Mantoloking, and the surrounding areas.  All of this is subject to change due to weather, mechanical problems, and equipment availability.  Answers to commonly asked questions (How long will my beach be affected?) can be found here. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Construction Schedule

USACE’s contractor Weeks Marine Inc. will be using multiple dredges to complete the beachfill contract. Three hopper dredges (R.N. WeeksB.E. Lindholm and Magdalen) are expected to be used during construction. Hopper dredges function like a ship as they transit back and forth between a sand borrow site and pump out buoy near the shoreline. Weeks Marine will also be using a pipeline cutter head dredge (R.S. Weeks), which functions more like a stationary barge and continuously pumps sand from a sand borrow site through pipeline and onto the beach. The type of dredge used for each community depends on the distance from the sand borrow site to the shoreline.

BELOW UPDATED: February 21, 2018

Dredging Equipment Community
Hopper Dredge
Toms River North Normandy Beach – estimated construction early April to mid June
Bay Head – construction follows Normandy Beach. Current construction estimate is mid-June to early August
Point Pleasant Beach – construction follows Bay Head. Current construction estimate is early August to late August
Seaside Park – construction follows Point Pleasant Beach. Current estimate is late August to early October.
Hopper Dredges
RN Weeks and
BE Lindholm
(typically work in tandem on same line)
Mantoloking – construction ongoing in base area. Estimated completion in mid-March
Brick Township – construction follows Mantoloking base area. Current construction estimate is mid-March to late June.
Mantoloking Northern Areas – construction follows Brick. Current construction estimate is late June to late August.
Lavallette – construction follows Mantoloking option areas. Current construction estimate is late August to late November.
Pipeline Dredge
R.S. Weeks
Toms River South Ortley Beach – estimated construction late May to late August
Seaside Heights – construction follows Ortley Beach. Current construction estimate is late August to early October

*Mantoloking Northern Area – stretches from Sta. 207 (Approx. 2000 ft. north of Herbert St.) to Sta. 162 (Municipal boundary with Bay Head).